Meet Red Snapper

Known as "The Go All the Way Girl," Ms. Red Snapper is the last ever Queen of the Great Southern Exposure. She now hails from Dallas after a decade of Los Angeles Burlesque. Red won Most Comedic at the 2017 Oklahoma City Burlesque Festival. She headlined the "Nearly Naked Nutcracker" in Dallas for five years and was Associate Producer of the first Hollywood Burlesque Festival. Red's repertoire is quirky classic with a contemporary twist. She teaches burlesque privately, focusing on storytelling and glamorous costumes.

Red Snapper and Mr. Snapper have been married for a quarter of a century, and performing together for just a few months more. They’ve performed together at Las Vegas Burlesque Festival and Southwest Burlesque Showcase, performed their rendition of “Jack Rabbit Slim’s Twist Contest” for Quentin Tarantino, and headlined the Nearly Naked Nutcracker in Dallas for five years. They are America’s Burlesque Sweethearts and won Best Improv at the 2016 California Regional Burlypicks.

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